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We give guidance to healthcare providers on the appropriate use and implementation of pharmaceutical services in any medical practice setting.

Who We Serve
1) Independent Pharmacies
Specializing in pharmacies, we help enact leading strategies and best practices to optimize cost-effective and safe use of medications, clinical intervention protocols, and reduce drug expenses. We help pharmacies with the following:

  • Business Coaching
  • Develop and Integrate Clinical Services to create Niche services
  • MTM service implementation
  • Vaccine Program Implementation
  • Diabetes Self Management Service Implementation
  • Weight Management
  • Establish A New Pharmacy
    • – Buildout, Licensure, Contracting, and Niche Service creation
    • – 340B implementation
    • – Compounding for Sterile and Nonsterile

2) MD Offices
We support customized development and implementation plans for a fully integrated, patient-focused Doctor’s Clinic by adding the services of a clinical pharmacist. We help Doctor’s Offices with the following:

  • Behavioral Health Screenings
  • CCM
  • AWV
  • Allergy Testing
  • Quality Measures
  • Diabetes Self Management Service Implementation
  • Weight Management
  • Insulin Pump Training
  • Vaccine Program Implementation
  • Establish A New Pharmacy
    • – Buildout, Licensure, Contracting, Niche Service creation
    • – Sterile Compounding for infusing IVs

3) Hospitals and Clinics
Help your medical facility, hospital, or clinic provide a greater impact to patients across all aspects from staffing and workflow to management and pain care via pharmacists. We help hospitals and clinics with the following:

  • Establish a New Pharmacy
    • – Buildout and Licensure
    • – Sterile Compounding for infusing IVs
    • – Accreditation
  • Policy & Procedure creation
  • Staff Training
  • Pharmacy Management Services
  • Staffing
  • After hours services
  • Pass your JCAHO inspection

Other Services:

  • Pharmacy Business Development Services & Coaching
  • Clinical Service Development & Implementation
  • Annual Wellness Visits
  • Chronic Care Management
  • Medication Reconciliation
  • Prior Authorizations
  • Diabetes Safe management Education
  • Transitions of Care Management
  • Vaccine Program
  • Collaborative Practice agreements
  • Diabetes Self-Management Programs
  • Medical Billing for POCT
  • Staff Training and Development
  • Operations and Workflow Assessment and Improvement
  • Drug Cost Containment Program Development
  • Pharmacy Staffing
  • Functional medicine

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