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About Us

Move your practice in the direction that will provide your patients with greater health outcomes.

Meet the Owner
More than 15 years of experience as a pharmacy owner and years as a clinical pharmacist for hospital systems has afforded me the knowledge and expertise needed to move your pharmacy business in the direction that will provide your patients with services that include specialized sterile and nonsterile compounding.

What Is a Clinical Consultant?
Clinical consultants offer advice on trimming medical expenses to increase efficiency and minimize waste. They also consult on workflow design and efficiency. A day in the life of a clinical consultant may involve setting up patient care services to include: diabetic management, behavioral health services and chronic care management. We also specialized in integrating compounding services into your practice.
What Is Compounding?
Compounding allows a specially trained pharmacist to make a medication that meets the specific needs of an individual patient. This is done by taking into consideration the patient’s unique medical needs and symptoms.

What We Do
1) Offer fastidious account management and clinical consultation to focus on client satisfaction.
2) Handle clinical implementation for all medication delivery products.
3) Offer clinical expertise to customers.
4) Serve as a focal point for drug and customer information by conducting utilization reviews and analysis and formulary management.
5) Present clinical drug information in diverse areas including claim processing.
6) Incorporate changes or define the usage of new clinical products to manage supply chain costs effectively.
7) Initiate and lead value analysis meetings to identify client improvement opportunities.
8) Coordinate with clients to design contract requirements to achieve accreditation and meet regulatory requirements.
9) Encourage customer partnerships to maximize operational effectiveness and control costs by executing educational and product utilization programs.
10) Guide and mentor clinical staff by orienting and educating them on clinical products, pharmaceutical procedures, and hospital protocol.
11) Facilitate delivery of P&T processes, formulary management, and drug information to clients.
12) Orient pharmacy staff and support corporate pharmacy operations.


  • Build strong lasting relationships with our customers, clients, and partners.
  • Create efficient processes to not only deliver your product or service to your patients but to ensure we improve your patient and customer retention.
  • Establish communication with our clients to solve your problems and improve your product or service.


Creating efficient processes to improve your patient satisfaction.

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